Pedesi, Panama

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Pedasi is a small fishing village about a 5 hour drive north of Panama City on the Pacific side of the country. This area does not get a lot of sport fishing pressure with the exception of a few Panamanian sport fishermen. The drive north is interesting as it takes you through numerous small villages, farming communities and lush tropical landscapes. There are about a half dozen small motels and boutique hotels in and around the village of Pedasi. The commercial pangas available for charter resemble the typical 22ft Baja panga, powered by a 45hp to 65hp outboards. The fishing area is known as the Tuna Coast after the Yellow Fin tuna that can be found here in abundance from April through November. Also during this time you can expect to catch Blue and Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dorado, Rooster Fish, Cubera Snapper plus a variety of other specie. The hot fishing spots are all within a one hour to an hour and a half boat ride from launch site, they consist of Isla Iguana, Punta Mala, the small islands at Los Frailles, Punta Puerco and an assortment of other productive high spots. Trolling, casting top water lures, fly fishing and jigging iron are all productive methods of catching fish. 
Copyright 2011 Cass Tours. All Rights Reserved