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The value and price of a Mexico Vacation is unbeatable. Explore the ancient culture, go deep sea fishing, shop a local Mercado, go on an adventure.  There is something for everyone.


The Caribbean islands have been captivating travellers for centuries. They are most famous for their beaches – stretches of palm-backed sugar-soft sand that rise from gin clear shadows in a striking blue sea.


Explore the islands of Hawaii. Beautiful weather all year round, unique scenery and natural beauty, picturesque beaches, intriguing culture and history.  Hawaii also offers a diverisity of activities and memoral experiences.

Costa Rica
Costa Rica is one of the most highly valued toursit destinations on the planet. Adventure travelers can choose from a variety of activities. Ecotourism lovers will be captivated. Sun bathers and surfers will enjoy the beautiful beaches.


Panama is a narrow isthmus connecting North America and South America.  Panama is a great fishing destination.  The country is endowed with some of the world's most pristine and bio-diverse rainforests.  The coastal areas boast some of the best beaches in the world.

Cuba - NEW!!!


Cuba is an island nation rich in history, culture, beauty and natural resources.  With recent relaxation of the regulations to obtain required licenses for travel to Cuba, this island nation has become more accessible to US travleres.

Cass Tours offers a wide variety of hotels and resorts. From family resorts to all inclusive adult only resorts to a fisherman's paradise.  We have something for everyone.  We offer fishing day trips and adventure tours throughout the world.  Learn more about your destination today and contact us for a quote.  You can also visit our suppliers and book your vacation now.

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