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PANAMA - The Destination

Panama City

One of the most thriving, cosmopolitan cities in all of Central America, Panama City showcases modern commercial buildings blended with cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture of centuries past. Whether shopping, theatre, jazz clubs, casions, bars or night clubs, Panama City has it all.

Playa Blanca

Along the Pacific Coast, outside Panama City begin a string of pretty beaches of white sand and sapphire blue waters.  Gorgeous million dollar weekend homes of Panama's elite and newcomers dot the coastline.  Playa Blanca, a 75 minute drive from Panama City on a modern four-land highway, is the home of many hotels and all-inclusives resorts.

Rainforests at the Panama Canal

The Panana Canal rainforests are among the most accessinle nature-rich rainforests in thee world.  Over 50 acres of pristine rainforest hosts 105 species of mammals, 525 species of birds and 124 species of reptiles and amphibians.  A nature-rich area so close to the metropolitian capitol is a feature unique to Panama.


Pesca Panama


Imagine a fishing destination where you can catch seemingly an enlimited number of species of world class saltwater game fish.  This is the extraordinary world of Pesca Panama Sportfishing.



Pedasi is a small fishing village about a 5 hour drive north of Panama City on the Pacific side of the country. The fishing area is know as the "Tuna Coast" after the Yellow FIn Tuna that can be found here in abundance from April to November.

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